A variational approach to denoising problem



A digital image can be created by different digital devices, such as digital cameras, X-ray scanners, etc. In practice, such devices can give unexpected defects, for example, noise. The Gaussian noise and Poisson noise are very important, but their combination is important too. This mixed noise usually appears in electronic microscopic images, in aerospace images, etc. Our goal is to combine ROF model (for Gaussian noise removal) and modified ROF model (for Poisson noise removal) to create new model that can treat this combination effectively. Our model will treat this combination with considering proportion of noise between them.



denoising, Gaussian noise, Poisson noise, the mixed Poisson-Gaussian noise, total variation, Euler-Lagrange equation

Author Biography

Dang Ngoc Hoang Thanh, Tula State University, Hue Industrial College

Information technology




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