Image Analysis and Processing with Applications in Proteomics and Medicine


  • Eleftheria Mylona National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


This thesis introduces unsupervised image analysis algorithms for the segmentation of several types of images, with an emphasis on proteomics and medical images. Segmentation is a challenging task in computer vision with essential applications in biomedical engineering, remote sensing, robotics and automation. Typically, the target region is separated from the rest of image regions utilizing defining features including intensity, texture, color or motion cues. In this light, multiple segments are generated and the selection of the most significant segments becomes a controversial decision as it highly hinges on heuristic considerations. Moreover, the separation of the target regions is impeded by several daunting factors such as: background clutter, the presence of noise and artifacts as well as occlusions on multiple target regions. This thesis focuses on image segmentation using deformable models and specifically region-based Active Contours (ACs) because of their strong mathematical foundation and their appealing properties.


Segmentation, Active Contours, Proteomics Images, Medical Images




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