Deep Learning Based Localisation and Segmentation of Prostate Cancer from mp-MRI Images


  • takwa Ben Aïcha Enis
  • Yahya Bouslimi
  • Afef Kacem Echi


Prostate Cancer (PCa) is one of the most common diseases in adult males. Currently, mp-MRI imaging represents the most promising technique for screening, diagnosing, and managing this cancer. However, the multiple mp-MRI sequences' visual interpretation is not straightforward and may present crucial inter-reader variability in the diagnosis, especially when the images contradict each other. In this work, we propose a computer-aided diagnostic system to assist the radiologist in
locating and segmenting prostate lesions. As fully convolutional neural networks (UNet) have proved themselves the leading algorithm for biomedical image segmentation, we investigate their use to find PCa lesions and segment for accurate lesions contours jointly. We offer a fully automatic system via MultiResUNet, initially proposed to segment skin cancer. We trained and validated an altered version of the MultiResUnet model using an augmented Radboudumc prostate cancer dataset and obtained encouraging results. An accuracy of 98.34\% is achieved, outperforming the concurrent system based on deep architecture.




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