Retinal Blood Vessels Segmentation using Fréchet PDF and MSMO Method


  • Sushil Kumar saroj MMMUT gorakhpur
  • Rakesh Kumar
  • Nagendra Pratap Singh


Blood vessels of retina contain information about many severe diseases like glaucoma, hypertension, obesity, diabetes etc. Health professionals use this information to detect and diagnose these diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to segment retinal blood vessels. Quality of retinal image directly affects the accuracy of segmentation. Therefore, quality of image must be as good as possible. Many researchers have proposed various methods to segment retinal blood vessels. Most of the researchers have focused only on segmentation process and paid less attention on pre processing of image even though pre processing plays vital role in segmentation. The proposed method introduces a novel method called multi-scale switching morphological (MSMO) for pre processing and Fréchet match filter for retinal vessel segmentation. We have experimentally tested and verified the proposed method on DRIVE, STARE and HRF data sets. Obtained outcome demonstrate that performance of the proposed method has improved substantially. The cause of improved performance is the better pre processing and segmentation methods.


Image enhancement, MSMO Operator, Segmentation, Fréchet PDF


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